Celebs Who Died In 2023

The Iron Sheik, 81

In the 1990s Tom Sizemore graced us with gritty and often twisted performances that made him unforgettable.

From his bit parts early in his career like “Born on the Fourth of July,” “Point Break,” “Passenger 57” and “True Romance,” to the peak of his career giving memorable roles in “Natural Born Killers,” “Heat,” ‘Saving Private Ryan,” and “Black Hawk Down,” Sizemore could be charming in one scene then unleash his madness in the next, and that talent made him a major fixture in the biggest movies of the decade.

Sadly, there was a dark troubling side to the actor that crippled his career. Due to drug addiction, by the 2000s he was no longer getting the kind of roles deserving of his talents. Tabloids and reality TV shows chronicled his struggles that ranged from jail time for domestic violence on his former girlfriend “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss to multiple arrests for drug possession.

Sizemore died on March 3 following a brain aneurysm on February 18.